'I used hypnotherapy in preparation for the birth of my first baby.  The process known as hypnobirthing is designed to help during labour, not only for the mother but the birthing partner too.....the hypnobirthing sessions with Jacqui of Sunbeam Therapy were excellent.  We worked on teaching me to really focus, relax and breathe as well as ways to combat the pain involved.  It gave me a psychological confidence to believe in my body and it's capabilities and I felt really prepared and positive about the forthcoming event.....I got into the birthing pool at 1pm and at 5pm our beautiful little girl was born.  I know that the hypnobirthing sessions helped me to stay focused and calm in a situation which is the biggest mental and physical challenge I've ever faced.  My husband and the midwife even commented on how 'zoned in' to the whole experience I was....I would highly recommend Jacqui who is truly gifted as a hypnotherapist.  She put me right at ease and I was able to gain maximum benefit from all of the sessions.  I will be using her again for any other children we have....or anything else for that matter!' - CB

'I had a real fear of animals which was starting to control my personal life as a carer in people's homes and my private life as I wouldn't go out for walks or to friends' houses in case there was a dog or a cat.  After just three sessions, I can now even stroke a dog and sent Jacqui a picture to prove it!! - FH

'The Gift'


I met a lady today, a warm comforting smile

No airs or graces, just ordinary, like me

I hadn't a clue what she could do for me

But I found out, through the months and days


The lady had experienced life, just like me

Not always smooth and pleasant

Rocky at times, just like me

Gets on with life, like me


She has a talent, she talks to me

She listens carefully

Understands my pain, nurtures me through

my difficult times, helps me too


Stuck in a hole

For many years

I couldn't get out

Through that awful fear

A complex, negative me

A sad, confused me

That's where I was

When she met me


Nothing she wanted in return

Just a story to work on

Her kindness she gave

Her talent, to keep me calm


The gift she gave

Is very precious

A positive, happy, normal me

It's all I've ever wanted to be


Now I feel different inside

A warm calm, a smile I can't hide

She gave me back myself


From someone who needed help for many years, but no other counsellor managed to help me and then I met Jacqui Roach, a lady with a talent.


Eternally grateful - DC